Recent & Upcoming Talks


Howard County Community College STEM Career Panel

This is a career panel for students interested in STEM fields.

Bioconductor: Tools for interpreting high-throughput biological data

In this talk, I give a high-level overview of the Bioconductor project.

ATAC-Seq workshop

This workshop introduces ATAC-Seq, quality control approaches, isolating nucleosome compartments, and profile plots and heatmaps.

Statistical Methods in Functional Genomics

In a series of talks and exercises, I cover introduction to R, Bioconductor, genomic ranges, container classes, annotation of genes and …

Public Data Resources and Bioconductor

The goal of this workshop is to introduce Bioconductor packages for finding, accessing, and using large-scale public data resources …

Lightweight data engineering, tools, and software to facilitate data reuse and data science

Lightweight tools, software, and publication processes that tie together data resources, analysis tools, documentation can powerful …


Practical Data Science and Informatics Training

This talk compares and contrasts four formats for data science and informatics education. The discussion will highlight some approaches …

Bioconductor: software for interpreting high-throughput biological data

This talk presents a very quick overview of the Bioconductor project, focusing on its values of reproducibility, reuse, and openness.

The cancer data ecosystem: data and cloud resources for cancer genomic data science

In this talk, I motivate the need for cloud-based cancer data resourdces. I provide an overview of the NCI Genomic Data Commons and how …

Cloud Computing Approaches to Genomic Data Science

Accessing and Using Public Data Resources with Bioconductor

The NCI SevenBridges Cancer Genomics Cloud Resource

I demonstrate the use of the SevenBridges Cancer Genomics Cloud Resource to run RNA-seq and DNAse-seq workflows on cloud resources.

Bioconductor: software for reproducible genomic data science

Tutorial: Using the NCI SevenBridges Cancer Genomics Cloud Resources

In this guided workshop, we will use the SevenBridges Cancer Genomics Cloud Resource to run simple RNA-seq workflow on cloud resources.

Brief Introduction to Machine Learning in Biomedical Informatics

Cancer Bioinformatics Primer -- Papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma Hackathon

More than 150 researchers, engineers and data enthusiasts gathered at Salesforce in San Francisco for an intense weekend of exploration …

Bioconductor: A Hub in the Cancer Data Ecosystem

The GenomicDataCommons Package: The bridge between the NCI Genomic Data Commons and Bioconductor

The National Cancer Institute has established the Genomic Data Commons (GDC) to provide access to large-scale, publicly available …

A quick tour of the cancer genomics landscape (in 45 minutes)


Bioconductor: orchestrating high-throughput biological data analysis

Progress in biotechnology is continually leading to new types of data, resulting in data sets that are rapidly increasing in volume, …

Thoughts on an Agricultural Data Ecosystem

The USDA and the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) hosted a workshop to develop their ten year plan for genomics and phenotype. These …

Data Visualization Per Karl Broman and Rafa Irizzary

This is a very basic introduction to good vs bad graphics, built around data and material from Karl Broman and Rafa Irizarry. Concepts …

Machine Learning in Biomedicine

I present a high-level introduction to machine learning in Biomedicine with a few examples from the literature. The talk is accompanied …