miR30a inhibits LOX expression and anaplastic thyroid cancer progression


Anaplastic thyroid cancer (ATC) is one of the most lethal human malignancies, but its genetic drivers remain little understood. In this study, we report losses in expression of the miRNA miR30a, which is downregulated in ATC compared with differentiated thyroid cancer and normal tissue. miR30a downregulation was associated with advanced differentiated thyroid cancer and higher mortality. Mechanistically, we found miR30a decreased cellular invasion and migration, epithelial-mesenchymal transition marker levels, lysyl oxidase (LOX) expression, and metastatic capacity. LOX was identified as a direct target of miR30a that was overexpressed in ATC and associated with advanced differentiated thyroid cancer and higher mortality rate. Consistent with its role in other cancers, we found that LOX inhibited cell proliferation, cellular invasion, and migration and metastasis in vitro and in vivo. Together, our findings establish a critical functional role for miR30a downregulation in mediating LOX upregulation and thyroid cancer progression, with implications for LOX targeting as a rational therapeutic strategy in ATC.

Cancer Res.
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