Orchestra: A cloud platform for hosting hands-on computational workshop environments

Orchestra is a cloud platform for hosting hands-on computational workshop environments. In this talk, I review the detailed use case of Bioconductor Workshops and then proceed to a shallow dive into Kubernetes infrastructure that powers Orchestra.

Bioinformatics, HPC and AI

These are just introductor slides for a panel discussion at the Supercomputer21 conference.

Some quick thoughts on training, education, workforce development, and community

Howard County Community College STEM Career Panel

This is a career panel for students interested in STEM fields.

Bioconductor: software for interpreting high-throughput biological data

This talk presents a very quick overview of the Bioconductor project, focusing on its values of reproducibility, reuse, and openness.

Practical Data Science and Informatics Training

This talk compares and contrasts four formats for data science and informatics education. The discussion will highlight some approaches that I have found useful to facilitate the training process. I also present some practical and simple tips that I …

The cancer data ecosystem: data and cloud resources for cancer genomic data science

In this talk, I motivate the need for cloud-based cancer data resourdces. I provide an overview of the NCI Genomic Data Commons and how to interact with it both interactively through a web portal as well as programmatically using the …

Orchestrating a community-developed computational workshop and accompanying training materials

The importance of bioinformatics, computational biology, and data science in biomedical research continues to grow, driving a need for effective instruction and education. A workshop setting, with lectures and guided hands-on tutorials, is a common …